Food menu

Whether you’re craving healthy or comfort food; breakfast, lunch or dinner. There’s something delicious for everyone.

the bread bar

until 15:30

Two sourdough sandwiches from De Veldkeuken

Sunny Avo Smash 9.75
with tomato salsa / with plant-based feta / with lemon zest

Fluffy Burrata 9.75
grilled peach, basil oil and pumpkin seeds

Lemon Whipped Feta 9.75
strawberries and balsamic glaze

 Taste of Lebanon 9.75
sweet potato hummus, artichoke and watercress

hearty WRAPS

until 15:30

Mushy Minds 8.5
pulled mushroom, plant-based sriracha yoghurt dressing, romaine lettuce, red onion, cucumber and radish

The Breezy One 8.5
whipped plant-based feta, grilled bell pepper, olives, capers, romaine lettuce, artichoke, radish, spring onion and pumpkin seeds

Crispy Stories 8.5
quinoa, little gem, bell pepper, spring onion, radish, peanuts, avocado, pointed cabbage, coriander, pickled daikon and creamy sesame dressing

Sweet ‘n Cheesy 8.5
sweet potato hummus, red cabbage, caramelized onion, radicchio, sunflower seeds and goat cheese (or plant-based feta)

bowls of summer

Frutta et Fresca 16
bulgur, cucumber, parsley, cherry tomatoes, watermelon marinated in ginger and pepper, mint, plant-based feta, sunflower seeds, spring onion and a citrus mint dressing

Crispy Tales 16
quinoa, avocado, bell pepper, roasted broccoli, pointed cabbage, coriander, peanut crunch, radish, pickled ginger, little gem and sesame dressing

Mediterranean Sunshine 16
pearl couscous, little gem, asparagus, radish, crispy spring onion, capers, peas, olives, rucola dressing, almond crumble and pangrattato

Gusti d’Italia 16
fregola, rucola, balsamic dressing, tomato, grilled courgette, dried tomato, (plant-based) parmesan, artichoke, pine nuts and caramelized onion


The One and Only Ravioli 16.5
spinach and lemon ravioli, artichoke, sage, pangrattato, capers, dried tomatoes and homemade pesto 

Signora Ravioli 16.5
eggplant and basil ravioli, roasted bell pepper sauce, roasted onion, pine nuts and olive crumble

Choose your favorite pasta:
pappardelle, whole wheat fettuccine or gluten-free spaghetti

The Truffle Fungo 17.5 
roasted mushrooms, balsamic mushrooms, (plant-based) parmesan, rocket, thyme and black olive crumble

The Green Queen 17.5
roasted broccoli and peas sauce, green asparagus, pistache crumble, basil, lemon zest mint and garlic

The Classico 16.5
asparagus, pointed pepper, puffed tomato, fresh basil and (plant-based) parmesan


Small for sharing/regular

Margherita 9/14.5 
red tomato base, mozzarella and basil

Tommy Burrata 11.5/18.5
red tomato base, mozzarella, burrata, juicy tomatoes and pesto

Four Cheese Party 11/17.5
red tomato base, mozzarella, parmesan, scamorza and gorgonzola

Truffled Shrooms 11.5/18.5
white artichoke base, mozzarella, mushrooms, plant-based parmesan, truffle oil and fresh rocket

No Pepperoni 11/17.5
red tomato base, plant-based pepperoni, grilled bell pepper, jalapeño, mozzarella and scarmorza

Italian Summer 11/17.5
spinach lemon mint pesto, courgette, spinach, lemon zest and goat cheese crumble

Bell Pepper Party 11/17.5 
yellow bell pepper base, plant-based feta, lamb’s lettuce and hazelnut crumble

“Puttanesca” Dreams 11/17.5
tomato, mozzarella, olives, capers, garlic, red onion and salty fingers

sunny sides

Burrata Peach 8.5 
grilled peach, basil oil, olive crumble and pumpkin seeds

Salad of the Season 7.5 
little gem, plant-based caesar dressing, dried olives and pangrattato

Tomato Bruschetta 7.5
with basil

Side Salad 5.5
tomato, cucumber, red onion, rocket, olives and plant-based feta


Lemon Tartelette Chocolate 8.5 
red fruits, atsina cress and choclate panna cotta

Strawberry Pink Pepper Cheesecake 8.5 
plant-based cookie crumble and lemon ice cream

Dark Chocolate Mousse 7.5

Delizia al Limoncello 7.5
limoncello mousse 

Tiramisu Classico 7.5
(with plant-based option)

Affogato 4.75
plant-based vanilla ice cream and espresso 

Spiked Affogato 9.5
plant-based vanilla ice cream and espresso martini

Passion Fruit Sgroppino 9.5